Our Ethics
Our aim is to create and sell a natural skin care range that actively promotes and supports healthy and beautiful skin, using top quality luxurious ingredients. All of our products are assessed as safe for anyone over the age of three years.  Our baby range (Baby Butter and Baby Massage Oil) is assessed as safe from newborn. We only ever use natural raw ingredients, not synthetic chemicals.  These are organic, locally sourced and fairly traded wherever possible.  We never use ‘hidden’ fragrances but always fully list every ingredient. Our products are tested on a group of very willing human volunteers, never on animals, and we also check that our suppliers of raw ingredients have the same policy. We comply with EU directives on cosmetic safety, including labelling requirements, product information files and safety assessments by a qualified chemist. We are fully compliant with the US Environmental Working Group’s database Skin Deep and will never market a product that does not score either 0 or 1 out of 10 for toxicity.  We are conscious of not over-packaging and we use recyclable or biodegradable containers and packaging.  We also re-use packaging that we received from suppliers.