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Cocoa butter lip balm, 15ml aluminium tin This   lip   balm   is   made   with   lots   of   cocoa   butter   (for   the   subtle   chocolatey smell    as    well    as    for    its    antioxidants    and    its    protective    moisturising properties). 
All of our lip balms are blended from natural, plant-based oils and butters plus natural beeswax.  If anyone would prefer a vegan option, we have a lip balm made with almond & jojoba waxes instead of the beeswax.  Our lip balms soothe, moisturise and protect lips from dry or cold atmospheres and from environmental pollution. Although they are luxurious and contain the highest quality ingredients they are natural and safe enough for children to use. 
Vegan Almond lip balm, 7ml slide tin This lip balm is made with shea butter and it contains almond and jojoba wax rather than beeswax. These make it a softer lip balm, suitable for vegans who prefer not to use beeswax and those who have very tender and delicate lips.
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